About Us

About Temescal Wellness

Temescal Wellness serves qualifying patients with a variety of high-quality cannabis medicines and education, in strict compliance with state and local rules and regulations. We have 3 Registered Marijuana Dispensaries located throughout Massachusetts.

Our patients suffer from health conditions that are not sufficiently addressed with conventional treatments. We fill the void of traditional medicine.

Cannabis Products

All of our cannabis products are developed and processed with the highest standards. We offer customized, patient-centric treatment plans that are administered by our knowledgeable team of Patient Service Associates, and our medicinal cannabis products are 100% lab tested.

Our Team

Our trained Patient Service Associates are available for one-on-one consultations, ensuring a high level of comfort and the best possible care.

Temescal Wellness gives back to its communities through its Patient Affordability Plan, its skilled and well-compensated workforce, its Community Benefit Funds, and through the state and federal taxes and charitable donations that it makes.

Additionally, our Patient Affordability Program ensures those in financial hardships easier access to medication.

Temescal Wellness is proud to offer complimentary in-service education presentations to a variety of individuals and companies in the community. We focus on educating people in various industries about the different products and services that Temescal Wellness offers its patients, as well as some basic information about how our patients safely use cannabis for their approved conditions. We are passionate about the potential for cannabis to be a life-changing medicine and would be happy to provide education to you and your team! Please feel free to reach out to info-ma@temescalwellness.com.

Our Priorities

Patient Wellness

By always putting the patient first in all that we do, we create a customized, safe, informative and respectful experience. With a growing number of wellness locations Temescal is a national model for patient-centric medical cannabis.

Product Quality

We adhere to the highest standards of cannabis cultivation and processing, which means healthy and affordable cannabis products. We continually invest in research and development by soliciting patient, provider and researcher feedback.

Focus on Community

By making cannabis affordable to all patients, providing good-paying jobs with training, reaching out to law enforcement and other local groups, and giving back through charitable donations, we're a valued contributor to our local communities.