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We are the Life Cannabis Company, offering cannabis products, along with personal guidance and education to help amplify the health and happiness that people experience in daily activities. We know everyone is busy... so we're here to give everyday people plant-based choices to help fuel their active lifestyle. No matter where you are on life's journey, Temescal Wellness can help you take on the day.

Temescal Wellness serves Massachusetts guests with a variety of high-quality cannabis products and education, in compliance with state and local rules and regulations. We have three cannabis dispensaries located throughout the state, each serving both recreational guests and medical card holders.

Our mission is to produce high quality cannabis, impart our guests with the most relevant knowledge, and customized service to meet each person’s individual needs. Temescal Wellness strives to be the most trusted and consistent cannabis provider in the markets we serve.

Review Temescal Wellness

"Great place to buy cannabis. Friendly staff and a nice selection for everyone."

- Matt P.

Review Temescal Wellness

“Super friendly, excellent service. Soon as I walked in they already started on getting my online order for me. THANK YOU Temescal! Great crew you have in Hudson.”

- C. D.

Review Temescal Wellness

“Great environment and courteous and helpful staff. I enjoy my experience every visit. Everyone is so nice and helpful. Prices are good and products have been great."

- Samantha H.


We are a passionate group of cannabis professionals, driven by the potential for cannabis to be a life-changing tool. Our associates are knowledgeable, friendly, and work directly with our guests to find the best products that fit into their active lifestyle and meet their needs.

We take pride in the opportunity to provide education and make ourselves available to support individuals or groups who want to learn more about our company or our cannabis products! 

Learn more about our culture and working at Temescal. 

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We sell a variety of cannabis flower and cannabis-infused products at all of our Massachusetts dispensary locations, in addition to an array of curated products from our partners. Everything is 100% lab tested.
All of our in house produced cannabis products are manufactured to the highest industry standards and processed at our production facility in Worcester. Our cannabis plants are cultivated by an experienced team of growers who produce our exceptional Perch Harvests and Perch Harvests Reserve flower. We have a dedicated extractions and infusions team who craft products like our awesome CORE Concentrates, IHP edibles, Freedom Pen vape cartridges, VSPR distillate cartridges and our rechargeable disposable vape pens. 

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The Founder of Temescal Wellness, Ted Rebholz lived in Oakland, California, in the neighborhood around Temescal Creek and Lake Temescal years ago. Here, he came to be an advocate of medical cannabis and started working in the industry, including the iconic Harborside Health Center, for several years before he founded Temescal Wellness. His most heartfelt memories are from time spent with his young family in the neighborhoods and parks throughout Oakland that bear the name Temescal. This is where he enjoyed the fresh outdoors and the inspiration for creating his own cannabis business was born. 

In Mesoamerican culture, a Temescal is a restorative sweat lodge, used to improve health – a cleansing of the mind, body, and spirit. The connection to the park and its name, along with the West Coast wellness movement was fundamental to the core values that Temescal Wellness was founded on. Inspired by the natural way communities come together and take care of themselves, Temescal Wellness was created as a natural healing home that supports alternative approaches to wellness for our patients and guests.