Frequently Asked Questions

Medical & Recreational Cannabis Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register as a patient in the state of Massachusetts?

To register as a patient, please visit the website. This page will give you all the information and step-by-step directions to help you through the registration process.

I can't find a Massachusetts doctor who is open to discussing medical cannabis as an alternative treatment for my condition(s). Can you help me?

We can certainly help guide you in the right direction. Currently, there are many certifying physicians offering telemedicine appointments, and for a full list of physicians that are certifying patients, see here – MASS PATIENT ADVOCACY ALLIANCE.

Do I need to set up an appointment for my first visit or another visit?

No. Appointments are not required.

What will I need to bring for my first visit?

You will need to bring:

  • Your valid, state-issued MA Program ID Card. (For Medical Cannabis)
  • A valid government-issued photo ID (Driver’s license, passport, military ID).
  • We accept Cash, Debit-Card or CanPay to make any product purchases
Will there be forms to fill out on my first visit?

Yes. You will need to fill out a New Patient Intake form (PDF) or New Caregiver Intake form (PDF) when you first enter the RMD. You can save time by printing out the proper intake forms and filling them out at home.

What do I need to do to become a personal caregiver?

Personal caregivers will need to obtain a Program ID Card. Visit the Personal Caregiver Information page on the website, where you can access the required instructions. Note: Caregivers will not be allowed into the RMDs without a Program ID Card.

Can patients with out-of-state medical cannabis cards enter a Massachusetts RMD?

In accordance with MA law, only patients with valid MA Program ID Cards are allowed to purchase cannabis within MA RMDs.

What do I do if I lost my card?

If your Program ID Card has been lost or stolen you must notify the Cannabis Control Commission within 5 business days by logging in to the Cannabis Industrty Portal or calling (833) 869-6820.

Do you offer a discount for Veterans?


Yes. We offer all U.S. Veterans a 22% off discount on all products, every purchase, no limits or minimums.

All three of our Temescal Wellness MA locations will now offer a 40% discount for veterans with a 100% SC rating from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Veterans must be registered as a patient with the Massachusetts Medical Use of Marijuana Program and need to bring with them:

Do you offer any discounts or financial assistance?

Patient Affordability Program:

WHO: If you are a currently registered Patient with the Cannabis Control Commission’s Medical Marijuana Program and are also on either Massachusetts Medicaid (Mass Health) or are receiving Social Security (SSI) or Social Security Disability (SSDI) benefits.

DOCUMENTATION: Our PSA’s at any of our locations will need to see an annual benefits page or your renewal letter issued in the last 12 months from MassHealth or the Social Security Administration.

BENEFITS: 15% off on all purchases, no limits, no minimums!

Veteran Discount Program:

WHO: If you are a currently registered Patient with the Cannabis Control Commission’s Medical Marijuana Program and are also U.S. Veteran.

DOCUMENTATION: Please bring your DOD Common Access Card (CAC) DD Form 2765 OR your VA ID card along with a copy of your Commissary Letter printed from

BENEFITS: All medical patients who are U.S. Veterans will receive a 22% discount on all products, every purchase, no limits or minimums. Veterans with a 100% SC rating from the Dept. of Veteran’s Affairs will receive 40%!!

I am planning to visit from out of state? Can I purchase Cannabis? What do I need to bring?

The State of Massachusetts has new guidance for traveling during COVID-19: All travelers arriving to Massachusetts – including Massachusetts residents returning home – are instructed to self-quarantine for 14 days, except that, beginning July 1, 2020, travelers from Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New York, and New Jersey arriving in Massachusetts are exempt from this directive and need not self-quarantine for 14 days. In addition, workers designated by the federal government as essential critical infrastructure workers are exempt from the directive to self-quarantine for 14 days if traveling to Massachusetts for work purposes. All persons are instructed not to travel to Massachusetts if they are displaying symptoms of COVID-19.
Please note: 
• You must be 21 years or older to visit one of our dispensaries.
• We accept valid state-issued identification and valid Passports.
• We only accept medical patients and caregivers with a valid Massachusetts Medical Use of Marijuana Card and State ID.
• We are currently only accepting online orders.
• We do not accept any out of state license that has expired and we recommend that those customers bring a valid passport with them for identification for purchase otherwise we will be unable to serve them.

How do I contact you?

If you have a question, comment or suggestion we would love to hear from you. Please email us at

What hours is your Registered Marijuana Dispensary (RMD) open?
Can I purchase cannabis at your locations without a medical card?

Currently recreational sales are prohibited in Massachusetts until May 4, 2020.  After the ban is lifted, our Pittsfield and Hudson locations are open for recreational sales and our Framingham location is anticipated to open for recreational sales in the Spring 2020.

Can someone enter the RMD without a registry identification card?

No. If an individual wants to enter our RMD locations, they will need to show a valid MA Program ID Card along with another form of identification such as a MA driver’s license, or a passport or military ID showing residence in MA. This is required by state law.

What if I don't know much about cannabis? Will someone be there to help me?

Our Patient Service Associates will be available to assist you with anything you may need; to provide education, guidance, and assistance. Don’t be scared to ask as many questions as necessary!

What types of cannabis products do/will you provide?

We have a wide array of flowers (the part of the plant that is harvested and dried) that are low to high THC strains, and we also have a CBD (non-psychoactive) strain. In addition, we have pre-rolls (aka “joints”), edibles, vape cartridges, and a variety of concentrates including our  “Cold Brew” concentrate. Check out our medical or recreational menus here.

What is "Cold Brew" concentrate?

Cold Brew is a holistic concentrate made using pure, crystal clear cryogenic alcohol to provide the highest concentration of terpenes, flavonoids, and beneficial plant lipids in the highest quality, most flavorful concentrate at our RMDs!

It is similar to rosin or other concentrate products, and can be “dabbed,” placed into flower or rolling papers, or vaporized in any standard concentrate vaporizing equipment.

I have questions about vape cartridges.
At Temescal Wellness we take the health of our guests seriously and are concerned about the recent illnesses and deaths associated with vaping.
Please know we do not use Vitamin E Acetate or propylene glycol in any of our cartridge products.
All of our cartridge products are tested by an independent certified laboratory for residual solvents, heavy metals, and microbial contaminants in compliance with state testing standards.
We use the highest quality cannabis and plant based ingredients in all our vape cartridges and have no reports of any health issues related to our products.
We recognize that there is limited research available on vaping and we will continue to monitor the situation and provide as much information to you as possible to allow you to make the best choice for yourself when considering cannabis consumption methods.
Do you have any job openings?

We are always looking to add passionate, hard-working people who share our commitment to patient wellness, product quality, and community. You can check out our job openings page and fill out any application(s) within! Your application and resume information will be saved in our database upon completion.

Is my resume/job application being reviewed?

Your application and resume will certainly be reviewed by our team whenever the hiring managers are ready to begin the reviewing process. If you would like confirmation that we have received your application, please email us with your name and email address used on the application.