Frequently Asked Questions

Medical & Recreational Cannabis Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register as a patient in the state of Massachusetts?

To register as a patient, please visit the website. This page will give you all the information and step-by-step directions to help you through the registration process.

What do I need to do to become a personal caregiver?

Personal caregivers will need to obtain a Program ID Card. Visit the Personal Caregiver Information page on the website, where you can access the required instructions. Note: Caregivers will not be allowed into the RMDs without a Program ID Card.

What will I need to bring for my first visit as a medical patient?

You will need to bring:

  • Your valid, state-issued MA Program ID Card. (For Medical Cannabis)
  • A valid government-issued photo ID (Driver’s license, passport, military ID).
  • We accept Cash, Debit-Card or CanPay to make any product purchases
Can patients with out-of-state medical cannabis cards purchase from your Massachusetts dispensaries?

In accordance with Massachusetts law, only patients with valid MA Program ID Cards are allowed to purchase cannabis from medical menus.

What do I do if I lost my card?

If your Program ID Card has been lost or stolen you must notify the Cannabis Control Commission within 5 business days by logging in to the Cannabis Industrty Portal or calling (833) 869-6820.

Can I still make a purchase if my license/ID is expired?

No. In order to purchase cannabis either medically or recreationally, you must present valid identification. If you have a temporary renewal license, this must be accompanied by the expired card for validation. A temporary, paper license alone or expired license alone cannot be accepted as valid identification.

Does Temescal offer a first time patient discount?

Yes, we offer a 20% discount for a patient’s first-time purchase. The discount will be applied upon arrival for pick up.

Do you offer a discount for Veterans?

For Medical Cannabis Patients ONLY: We offer all U.S. Veterans a 22% off discount on all products, every purchase, no limits or minimums.

All three of our Temescal Wellness MA locations offer a 40% discount for veterans with a 100% SC rating from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Veterans must be registered as a patient with the Massachusetts Medical Use of Marijuana Program and need to bring with them: Your DOD common access card (CAC) DD Form 2765 OR Your VA ID card, along with a copy of your Commissary Letter printed from

Do you offer any other financial assistance?

Patient Affordability Program:

WHO: If you are a currently registered Patient with the Cannabis Control Commission’s Medical Marijuana Program and are also on either Massachusetts Medicaid (Mass Health) or are receiving Social Security (SSI) or Social Security Disability (SSDI) benefits.

DOCUMENTATION: Our PSA’s at any of our locations will need to see an annual benefits page or your renewal letter issued in the last 12 months from MassHealth or the Social Security Administration.

BENEFITS: 15% off on all purchases, no limits, no minimums!

Veteran Discount Program:

WHO: If you are a currently registered Patient with the Cannabis Control Commission’s Medical Marijuana Program and are also U.S. Veteran.

DOCUMENTATION: Please bring your DOD Common Access Card (CAC) DD Form 2765 OR your VA ID card along with a copy of your Commissary Letter printed from

BENEFITS: All medical patients who are U.S. Veterans will receive a 22% discount on all products, every purchase, no limits or minimums. Veterans with a 100% SC rating from the Dept. of Veteran’s Affairs will receive 40%!!

What's the process for picking up my order?

Our goal is to make picking up your online order as seamless and simple as possible. Watch this video for the experience you expect when you visit any of our Massachusetts dispensaries.

Do I need a medical card to purchase cannabis at your dispensaries?

No, all of our Massachusetts dispensaries are open for both medical and recreational sales.

I am planning to visit as a recreational guest. What do I need to make a purchase?

The State of Massachusetts has guidance for traveling during COVID-19: All travelers arriving to Massachusetts – including Massachusetts residents returning home – are instructed to self-quarantine for 10 days. You do not need to quarantine if you took a test for COVID-19 and have received a negative result. All persons are instructed not to travel to Massachusetts if they are displaying symptoms of COVID-19.

In order to visit one of our dispensaries:

  • You must be 21 years or older.
  • You must present valid state-issued identification and valid Passports.
  • We are currently only accepting online orders.
  • We do not accept any out-of-state license that has expired and we recommend that those customers bring a valid passport with them for identification for purchase otherwise we will be unable to serve them.
Are there limits for purchasing certain products?


  • 1 oz Flower
  • 5 Grams of Concentrate
  • 500mg THC in Edibles

Consumers may not purchase more than 1 oz of cannabis – which is defined as 5g of concentrate or 500mg of THC in edibles – per day in accordance with 935 CMR 500 and M.G.L. c. 94G, § 7.

Does Temescal offer cumulative (bulk) pricing?

Bulk flower pricing is as follows:

  • 1/8-$48
  • 1/4-$85
  • 1/2-$160
  • 1oz-$320

Cumulative prices are applied at pickup. You may mix and match strains. Certain flower items like PRJs and specialized bulk flower (pre-packaged quarters, etc.) are not eligible for the bulk pricing discounts.

What forms of payment do you accept? Can I pay online in advance?

We only accept cash, debit cards or digital forms of payment on CanPay and Hypur. We do not accept prepaid VISA cards, Paypal or Venmo.

Please note: for all cashless ATM payments there will be a third party $3.50 fee applied.

Unfortunately, at this time, we can only accept final payment inside the dispensary. We apologize for any inconvenience, but hope to see you!

Does Temescal offer contactless curbside pickup?

We currently do not offer delivery or curbside pickup. Take a look at our menu for your closest location, place an order online and stop in for pickup. Please know that we have taken all precautionary measures to keep our guests and employees safe during this time. We hope you’ll stop by!

Does Temescal offer a delivery service?

No. We currently only offer pick up at our local dispensaries but are exploring the option of a delivery service to accommodate patients and guests in the future.

Do I still have to take a shuttle to visit the Hudson dispensary?

No. Because we operate by appointments only, there are fewer people in the dispensary at once, allowing for more parking in our lot. Simply place an order online, schedule a same-day pickup time and park right at our Hudson location.