Get a Caregiver

How to Get a Caregiver

Register a personal caregiver with the Medical Use of Marijuana Program to assist with a registered patient’s medical use of marijuana.

Here are the Steps to Follow to Get a Caregiver:

Step 1

Choose up to two family members or other responsible persons you trust who can assist you in picking up your medical cannabis when you are unwell or otherwise unable to.

Log into your Patient page on the Cannabis Industry Portal (CIP)

Under the ''My Caregiver'' tab, select Generate PIN

Step 2

Provide this new PIN to your selected Caregiver(s)

The Caregiver can create a Virtual Gateway account from the link below:

This will prompt them to create a Cannabis Industry Portal (CIP) account

Using the PIN, they can request to be your Caregiver, they will need

A current acceptable and valid form of ID

A current photo meeting the specifications listed on the webpage

Step 3

Log back into your Patient page under your 'My Caregiver' tab and confirm the Caregiver

Your Caregiver will receive an email confirmation

Initial Access is available for Caregivers too! A temporary card will be valid for 4 weeks until your official card comes in the mail

Tips to Remember:

Your Caregiver must carry their ID card with them at all times while in possession of your cannabis

Just like your patient registration, Caregiver registrations expire annually

Both the patient and Caregiver registrations must be valid in order for the Caregiver to purchase products on your behalf

If you or your Caregiver have lost your card:

Notify the program within 5 business days at (617) 660 - 5370

There is a $10 fee for replacement cards