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Perch Harvests: Introduction

The decision-making process, when it comes to flower, can be a difficult and unusual experience for cannabis consumers. Browsing a wide range of strains that boast names like “Blunicorn” or “Sour Best Tangie” can be overwhelming and confusing to many consumers. With Perch Harvests we are looking to simplify this process by grouping similar strains in categories known as Perch Effects.

Each Perch Effect has a unique component and all Perch flower grouped within that Perch Effect has been reported to provide a similar impact and potential benefit to the consumer. This allows for you to more easily narrow down your decision while feeling comfortable to explore beyond your usual strain. Perch Harvests aims to give the consumer a level of confidence in their selection while also making a conscious decision around their desired effects.


How are strains grouped into a Perch Effect?

Our team has taken the time to deep-dive into the strains available from Perch Harvests to provide an educated decision on categorizing. Reviewing such important factors as lineage, reported effects, and consumer feedback provide a guiding light on selecting the Perch Effect each strain is grouped under. Our research doesn’t stop there, we utilize terpene results from a 3rd party laboratory to solidify our hypothesis on the interaction of each cannabis strain with the consumer.

Perch Harvests - Perch Effects


What are the 3 categories of Perch Effects?

Perch Harvests - NEST

Perch Effect: Nest

Nest will contain strains known to have more relaxing and calming values. This is most notably the Indica-Dominant varietals often having higher amounts of the terpenes Linalool and Myrcene. These strains are popular for individuals yearning for a “couch-lock” sensation.


Perch Harvests - HOVER

Perch Effect: Hover

Hover will feature strains that have a good balance of relaxation and mood enhancement from their consumer’s reported effects. Containing a variety of hybrids, Hover is a great option for consumers not looking for a particular overarching effect and may want the flexibility to consume cannabis on their own schedule.


Perch Harvests - FLY

Perch Effect: Fly

Fly is the final of the 3 Perch Effects, featuring strains known to be energizing and motivating for some individuals. Often having a higher proportion of Limonene, Humulene, and Pinene this effect will contain a majority of the Sativas in each harvest.