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Vaping is a very popular option for anyone in Massachusetts who is new to cannabis. Vapor products are a convenient option for experienced consumers of marijuana too. Temescal Wellness produces VSPR  vape products that are made with distillate THC. These convenient vapes come in a .5g cartridge or a .3g rechargeable disposable.

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What is Distillate THC?

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is a naturally occurring compound that creates the psychoactive effects experienced with the consumption of recreational or medical cannabis. THC can be found in much smaller quantities in hemp plants which are typically harvested and processed for the CBD, or cannabidiol.

The process of extracting the cannabis compounds from the plant and the concentration process for distillate THC allows for optimal quality control and consistency with products. The process of extraction requires precision and expertise to result in quality material.

The Benefits of Vaping

The concentrated liquid is then combined with a carrier oil to provide a vaping liquid. This liquid is heated by the vape pen or vaping system and inhaled. This form of enjoying cannabis still allows the consumer to absorb the flavor profile and aromas like smoking traditional flower.

Many of our customers throughout Massachusetts use vaping as a convenient, easy, and effective method to enjoy their favorite cannabis strains. Easy to carry and available in a wide variety of types and strains, vape products are becoming increasingly popular. For helpful information on any of our concentrates, contact the team online.