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One of the many advantages of producing our own products at Temescal Wellness is our ability to provide products to our three locations on the Western and Eastern sides of the state. We have dispensary locations in Pittsfield, Hudson, and Framingham, which are all easily accessible from major highways. Our associates are available in-store for customers to browse and ask questions about the variety of cannabis products we offer for recreational or medical marijuana consumption.

Products for All Customers

Adding cannabis to your health and wellness regimen does not look the same for everyone. In fact, we have an exceptional selection of all forms of cannabis products from hybrid flower to chocolate marijuana edibles that will meet any individual needs of all our patients and guests. We also have a top selection of products that include Hybrid cannabis, Indica strains, or Sativa strains, each carefully grown and produced to provide comprehensive cannabis effects.

For those new to the use of concentrates or those more experienced, we have a selection of shatter, live resin, wax, distillate cartridges, and disposable vape pens. Our experienced team of associates is available at the dispensaries to answer questions, and help you with recommendations. Give us a call to walk you through the menu if you plan to buy cannabis online.

When you want the top selection of quality cannabis edibles, chocolates, fruit chews and other treats, or if you are in search of the best distillate cartridge, Temescal Wellness is the place to shop.

In the Boston, MA, area? Reach out to our experts anytime for more information.