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The Best Selection of Weed Wax in Massachusetts

Concentrates are a way for people in and around Massachusetts to enjoy the benefits of cannabis. Concentrates are quickly becoming a popular option for more seasoned cannabis consumers. They can be put in vape pens, or dab rigs, providing a potent experience.

The choice of cannabis wax, also known as weed wax, is ideal for most of these customers. This product is stronger in flavor, smell and terpene profile, offering much higher levels of THC than the typical flower. In many cases and with many types of dab wax, the percentage of THC can be up to ninety percent.

Options to Consider

Perhaps the most popular way to enjoy this product is through the use of wax dabs. A small amount of cannabis wax is placed on the nail of the dab rig, which is heated up by a torch or electronically. This vaporizes the wax, and the resulting vapor is inhaled. The effects of the THC are fast-acting, allowing people to easily control the amount and dosage.

Another popular option are wax dab pen devices. These are similar to a vape pen, allowing the user to enjoy the benefits of vaping with the advantage of using weed wax rather than cannabis oil.

We also offer a top selection of distillate wax cartridge products at our dispensaries in Massachusetts including batteries. Take a look at our menus and use our easy online ordering service. If you have questions, give us a call or reach out to us online, and we will make sure you have the information you need for your purchase.