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December 28, 2023

One of the best Massachusetts dispensaries in hudson, MA for me to visit is Temescal Wellness

I recently visited this weed shop in Hudson and was so impressed by the recreational and medical cannabis selection, welcoming atmosphere, and attentive staff, I felt compelled to share more about my trip with you all.

Artwork inside Temescal Wellness dispensary

Medical and Recreational Cannabis in Hudson 

I always get excited heading to this Hudson dispensary because I know I’m going to get a great cannabis deal. Temescal Wellness, located at 252 Coolidge St. in Hudson, MA consistently has medical marijuana patient specials and recreational weed bundles. I usually snag one of the mix-and-match offers, but this month I took advantage of both seasonal bundles — ‘tis the season to give to others AND yourself isn’t it?! Their recent promotion consisted of a 25-dollar gift card, .5g VSPR Vape and a 1 gram prerolled joint all bundled at a great low price. I’ve been LOVING the option to buy a cannabis gift card to a dispensary, it makes my life so much easier, and I become everyone’s favorite gift-giver. 

Cannabis Dispensary Gift Card in Massachusetts

I also wanted to buy some cannabis flower and saw they offer great savings when you buy multiple quarter ounces of Perch Flower! Temescal Wellness makes it super easy to stay up to date with the current specials. Their Hudson dispensary menus stay up-to-date and give you an option to order online

Besides the incredible selection of cannabis in Hudson, I have to talk about the atmosphere of this Mass dispensary. The Hudson staff has turned me into a loyal customer. MA dispensaries can often be intimidating. I’ve gone into a handful of weed shops that make me feel like a bother to ask questions, or that I should already know what I’m looking for.

Cannabis products and educational materials at Temescal Wellness

That’s never the case here, and at any other Temescal Wellness MA location I’ve been to. The retail budtenders are approachable and patient - not to mention knowledgeable. I can tell this team really knows their stuff, and I appreciate how they always take time and care to help me find the right products.

Things To Do Near My Favorite Dispensary In Hudson, MA

Parking lot of Temescal Wellness Hudson Dispensary

If you’re in no rush after your dispensary stop, there’s a ton to do in the Hudson, MA area. The Temescal Wellness staff recommended a few breweries to me, Medusa Brewing Company and Clover Road Brewing Company, both located right on Main Street in Hudson. And if you’re more outdoorsy, the Assabet River Rail Trail is a beautiful location for walking and biking, and Ferjulian’s Farm Market is a 70-acre farm you can visit. This farm is the only working farm in Hudson and has been family-owned and operated for 82 years! They close for the peak winter months, but I typically stop by when I’m in the area and they are open for seasonal fruits, vegetables, and some of the most stunning flowers and plants you can find. 

Temescal Wellness logo on front of dispensary building

My personal experience visiting Hudson, MA

If you couldn’t tell by now, I highly recommend Temescal Wellness in Hudson as your local Mass weed shop. I follow them on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with the latest products and news, and you should too! Shop their online dispensary menus anytime to find what is available at my favorite cannabis dispensary in Massachusetts!

Want to write about your experience visiting Temescal Wellness to be featured in our blog? Reach out via social or email info-ma@temescalwellness.com today!

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