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November 21, 2023

The first medical marijuana dispensary in Massachusetts opened in 2015. The first recreational cannabis store opened in November of 2018, sparking a growing cannabis industry that continues to thrive.

As of 2023, the Cannabis Control Commission in the state reports over$5 billion in sales over the first five years of legalization, with over 300 recreational marijuana stores and 99 medical marijuana dispensaries currently open in Massachusetts.

For both medical and recreational consumers, shopping at dispensaries offers a positive experience. This includes assistance from knowledgeable staff, a selection of formulations and products, and a guarantee of the quality of cannabis products. Thanks to cost-saving options, consumers can find a great deal of quality cannabis products shopping at their favorite dispensaries.

The Basics of Massachusetts Cannabis Laws

The Cannabis Control Commission was established in August 2017 to regulate the sale and use of both recreational and medical marijuana. They set the limits for the possession and growth of marijuana and provide the regulations that dispensaries must follow for the sale of cannabis.

Some of the basics of the law include:

  • A government ID must be produced to purchase medical and recreational marijuana. Adults over 21 can purchase both medical and recreational marijuana, while people 18 and over with a medical marijuana card can purchase and carry medical cannabis.
  • Marijuana consumption is prohibited on commonwealth or federal land, and public use of marijuana is illegal.
  • Marijuana or cannabis-infused formulations and products must be kept in a locked or closed container.
  • Property owners can ban the use of marijuana on their property.

The marketing of cannabis is also regulated. This includes that any advertising must have a target audience of 85% of consumers who are 21 years of age or older. Packing and labels must not be designed to be attractive to minors, including the use of specific colors, brands, cartoons, words, or images that appeal to minors. All advertisements must include warnings approved by the Commission, and they must not state the price of products in any marketing or advertising.

Dispensaries across the state are required to comply with all state laws and regulations around cannabis sales and marketing.

Dispensaries That Offer Coupons

The State of Massachusetts currently does not permit a dispensary to offer discounts or coupons on the sale of recreational marijuana. However, discounts and promotions can be provided to approved and current medical marijuana patients.

Top dispensaries like Temescal Wellness provide medical marijuana customers with the option to enroll in their VIP Cannabis Club. This allows medical marijuana patients to earn points that convert to a specific discount. They also offer U.S. Veterans, those on SSI or SSDI benefits, and people on Mass Health to receive discounts based on the particular program.

Enrolling in these programs is a cost-effective way for medical marijuana patients to shop at a local dispensary and earn additional savings for future purchases. Those on fixed incomes and also struggling with chronic health issues will find these cost-saving benefits to help stretch their budget.

The Impact of Coupons on Dispensary Business

With more dispensaries opened across the state, developing consumer loyalty with medical marijuana patients is essential to building a customer base and improving the bottom line.

Many dispensaries offer specific days with double loyalty points, helping both the medical marijuana patients as well as the dispensary. Additional discounts for first-time patients help to create loyal customers who return to the dispensary for regular purchases.

However, coupons, loyalty points, and discounts are only some of the factors that drive customer loyalty. Customer service and support through helpful, knowledgeable staff are key factors that medical marijuana patients consider when selecting their dispensary.

Finding Cannabis Coupons

There are several ways for medical marijuana consumers to take advantage of discounts and coupons on their purchases. A search of “medical marijuana dispensaries near me with coupons” is always a good starting point. Many medical center websites provide dispensary listings, and information on discounts and coupons is provided with the listing.

The most effective option is to find a dispensary that offers both a loyalty program as well as a discount option. Loyalty points are earned for every purchase, which leads to considerable cost savings over time. Once you find a dispensary, make it a point to frequently review the website to find out about upcoming promotions and events.

Sign up for newsletters from medical marijuana dispensaries. This is an effective way to stay on top of specific promotions or discounts offered. Another important way to discover cost-saving options is to follow the dispensary on social media. This is a simple way to receive notifications on posts that provide information on promotions, new products, or other benefits the dispensary offers.

Dispensary Alternatives for Cost Savings

While taking advantage of coupons, promotions, and loyalty points are great options for saving money, there may be other strategies that consumers can use to help reduce the cost. Talking to the staff at the dispensary may provide options for different strains, formulations, or products that may be more affordable or better suited to delivering the health and wellness benefits you require.

Individuals eligible as Massachusetts medical marijuana patients should take advantage of the savings offered by these programs. Seniors, veterans, and those on SSDI, SSI, or Massachusetts Medicaid should consider ordering from a dispensary that provides specific financial assistance. Some dispensaries offer as much as fifteen percent off of every purchase, with no minimums and no limits, for those on social assistance programs. Veterans can receive as much as 40% off orders if they meet the guidelines for the maximum reduction.

Making purchases on a budget and planning when to buy based on discounts and promotions are two additional ways to help increase cost savings on medical marijuana.


In Massachusetts, dispensaries can offer coupons and discounts for medical marijuana patients only. These medical marijuana dispensaries are required to follow the laws as outlined by the state and the Cannabis Control Commission, and it is also important for patients to understand the legal issues that may impact their purchase and use of medical marijuana.

There are ways to enjoy cannabis responsibly and save money. Shopping with a highly-rated dispensary is one of the best ways to take advantage of exceptional custom service, discounts, coupons, and special programs for qualifying medical marijuana consumers. Sign up for loyalty points programs and follow the dispensary website and social media accounts for information on discounting, promotions, and coupons.

What are your experiences and advice to others looking into finding Massachusetts dispensaries offering cannabis coupons?

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