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October 20, 2021

Everyone knows what it’s like to consume sad, stale bud versus that fresh, stinky stuff you get from your favorite Massachusetts dispensary. But did you know that terpene molecules are the reason why cannabis smells and tastes the way it does?

Terpenes actually help us differentiate between strains of cannabis. There are hundreds of types of terps out there, but just a few of them are responsible for aromas and flavors of our favorite cannabis strains. Some even say that, due to the entourage effect, terpenes have a role in how cannabis affects the consumer.

The more terpenes your flower loses when exposed to everyday conditions of the environment, like oxygen and light, the less fresh it becomes. So how do you preserve those precious terps to keep a potent, enjoyable experience?

“The #1 post-cure risk cultivators can easily stop is terpene loss,” according to Boveda, the global leader in two way humidity control packs. In an effort to eliminate terpene evaporation in stored and packaged cannabis, they’ve introduced the terpene shield.

There are a few different ways to ensure a fresh smoke; making sure to keep your stash in a cool, air-tight container in a dark place is one of them. If you’re looking for a more surefire way of prolonging your cannabis, investing in a cannabis humidor box is a perfectly fine, luxurious option. 

If you don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars just to keep those terpenes safe, though, there’s an easier, more affordable way. According to Weedmaps, humidity control packs maintain moisture in the environment and are a key way of ensuring fresh flower. That’s where Boveda comes in.

Their salt-water based humidity control packs, when placed in the container of your cannabis stash, keeps your flower fresh for longer. So what’s the science behind these magic little packs? Boveda has a two-way humidity control system that reacts to its environment and, as a result, adds to or takes away moisture from it.

"Some cannabis lovers are surprised to learn that flower stores with Boveda tends to be less pungent," Boveda says. This is because Boveda’s fast-acting terpene shield “protects the organic chemicals found in cannabis that give the flower its unique aroma and subtle taste” until it’s ready to be ground up.

Boveda packs come in different sizes and RH levels, depending on your container size and preferences (according to Boveda, ideally, flower should be stored between .55-.65 relative humidity). Food safe and FDA-approved, Boveda is packed with natural ingredients and has a no-leak membrane so that you never have to worry about your packs interacting with your flower.

“Only this vigilant humidity shield can protect the terpenes from evaporation that can occur in the cannabis curing process,” says Boveda.

Remember all of the funny places you used to keep your cannabis? With expanded efforts for federal legalization and decriminalization, as well as an ever growing tolerance, the days of stashing your flower wherever it’s most conveniently kept hidden are long gone. Now, it’s all about storing your cannabis in the most protective manner possible to ensure the quality of your smoke sessions.

Boveda humidity packs can’t bring back the terpenes already lost, but they sure can preserve the ones that are left. Let your cannabis thrive and pick up some Boveda packs from your local Temescal Wellness today.

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