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August 15, 2022

View Our Deals and Discounts at Temescal Wellness of MA Cannabis Dispensaries in Framingham, Hudson, and Pittsfield.

Temescal Wellness Cannabis Dispensary Specials

Temescal Wellness of Massachusetts is dedicated to providing accessible and high-quality cannabis products to its customers, and their discounts reflect that commitment. Understanding the importance of affordability in medicinal and recreational cannabis, Temescal Wellness offers various discounts to ensure their products are accessible to a wide range of individuals. From compassionate care programs for patients with financial hardships to veteran discounts as a token of gratitude for their service, Temescal strives to support and cater to diverse communities. These discounts not only make their products more accessible but also demonstrate their commitment to inclusivity and social responsibility within the cannabis industry.

Moreover, Temescal Wellness' approach to discounts goes beyond mere affordability. They aim to educate and empower their customers by occasionally offering discounts on specific products or categories, encouraging exploration and understanding of their diverse range. By doing so, they foster a community that values not only the affordability of cannabis but also its potential benefits and uses, ultimately enhancing the overall customer experience. Temescal Wellness' thoughtful approach to discounts reflects their dedication to serving their customers holistically, providing both financial relief and opportunities for exploration and education in the realm of cannabis.

For limited-time specials and more cannabis dispensary deals please see the dispensary menus on our shop page.

Take a look at our special discounts, deals, and promotions for patients and special pricing for recreational guests who visit any of our Massachusetts dispensaries.

Framingham Recreational Dispensary Deals & Specials:

Hudson Recreational Dispensary Deals & Specials:

Pittsfield Recreational Dispensary Deals & Specials:

*Cumulative pricing is applied in-store at the time of purchase. The prices listed do not include tax.


Ongoing Medical Cannabis Discounts:

  • New patient discount: 20% off your first purchase at Temescal Wellness
  • NEW Senior discount: 15% OFF for patients 65+ ANY DAY of the week
  • US Veteran discount: 22% off every purchase
  • Disabled Veteran discount: 40% off every purchase for qualifying veterans with a 100% SC rating from Dept of Veterans Affairs
  • Patient Affordability Program discount: 15% off every purchase for qualifying patients (any registered patient with verification that they are a current recipient of MA Medicaid or SSI/SSDI benefits)
  • *Medical card renewal discount: 20% off your first purchase following the renewal
  • *Birthday discount: 10% off your first purchase following your birthday

Offers cannot be combined unless stated otherwise.

Birthday discount can be combined with other discounts.

*Offers valid for 30 days.

Don't forget we have monthly product discounts for medical patients only. Ask an associate next time you visit us!

Visit your nearby Temescal Wellness to learn more or shop online for cannabis in Massachusetts.

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