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December 23, 2021

With an increase in access to legal cannabis comes an increase in knowledge on how to consume it for maximum benefit. One thing we get asked about often from visitors to our cannabis dispensaries in Massachusetts — in particular our customers who buy weed for relief and consume it daily — is if microdosing might be right for them.

What is Microdosing?

Microdosing is the consumption of a very low dose of cannabis or cannabis products over a period of time. Think of microdosing as the “less-is-more” approach to cannabis: Instead of consuming larger quantities of THC at one time to achieve desired psychoactive effects, you’re taking in a small amount of THC throughout the day, typically in the form of an ingestible like edibles or tincture. That way, you’re avoiding the buzzy effects of the THC cannabinoid while still experiencing other benefits of cannabis on your body, such as stress and anxiety relief, pain management, appetite management, sleep management, increased creativity and more. For many, this is the best way to incorporate cannabis in their active lifestyle or day-to-day routine.

Who should microdose?

Because microdosing is so low commitment, this consumption method can make sense for the entire spectrum of cannabis lovers! Generally, if you’re looking to use cannabis to aid in getting things done, microdosing can be a great approach.


Those seeking to manage their health with cannabis can also benefit from microdosing. Studies have even shown that less is often more for cancer patients looking to manage pain. Another study saw positive results when patients used small doses of cannabis to treat PTSD-associated insomnia, nightmares, general symptoms, and even chronic pain. Additionally, low doses of cannabis have been shown to benefit those managing other ​​chronic conditions, from multiple sclerosis to fibromyalgia.

All-day users who like to take multiple doses to power through their daily tasks will be happy to hear that microdosing cannabis is a convenient way to help keep focused with mental clarity and stay motivated. This is a huge reason that the microdosing trend is taking the cannabis community by storm. While microdosing generally means something different for everyone, your favorite recreational and medical cannabis dispensary can recommend a few products that make it easy to manage.

How much is “one microdose”?

The “dosing”aspect in microdosing is hard to define, as everyone has different doses that work for them and their desired effects. Finding the right dosage for you is always best done from the comfort of your own home. When experimenting with cannabis ingestion, we always advise our guests to start low and go slow. Wait a few hours between each dosage and see how you feel. It may even be helpful to keep track in a journal. When you microdose, the THC high should be almost unnoticeable. According to Leafly, 2.5 mg is a great place to start if you’re new to the world of cannabis microdosing. You can always increase your dosage if desired.

When it comes to consumption methods, tinctures are a great way to measure out exactly the dosage you’re looking for. Droppers are fast-acting and the best tool for controlling your dose. If you’re shopping at our Framingham cannabis dispensary, try our Elemente Balance Tincture. 

Store-bought edibles with certified doses are a popular option, too. Most fruit chews and gummies come in 5mg pieces that can be cut in half or taken one at a time. From our IHP Fruit Chews to our Mango Dark Chocolate Bar (bonus: we just dropped the price on this delicious sweet!), you’re sure to find something on our menus to get you started with microdosing. 

If you’re shopping at our Hudson cannabis dispensary, try our Strawberry Limeade Fruit Chews. These are a hybrid blend, so if you’re after a low dose that provides a chill experience, these quick and easy pops of sweetness are the ideal choice. If that wasn’t enough to convince you, did we mention we have recently reduced the price on this sweet treat too?

If you’re a medical guest shopping at our Pittsfield cannabis dispensary, try our Drench Pomegranate Drink Mix. Microdosing with beverages is convenient, discreet and perfect for getting through your daily tasks, no matter if you’re a cannabis novice or connoisseur. Whether you want to spice up a glass of water or your favorite herbal tea, this drink mix will hydrate and replenish, while keeping your dosage and psychoactive effects to a minimum.

No matter which location you shop at, your local Temescal Wellness has all of these products and more. How do you plan to microdose and what activity will you be enjoying on the ride?

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