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December 2, 2021

If you’re looking for unique holiday gifts, look no further than the world of cannabis!

It’s no secret that the holidays, as magical and wonderful as they can be, can also bring on stress. In addition to planning parties, for many, one of the most stressful parts is gift giving — the pressure to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list can be, well, exhausting. 

What if we told you that there is a unique gift you can give that can be specialized for everyone, that they’ll all LOVE to receive, and you can feel good about giving? When it comes to the world of legal cannabis, we have ideas for every adult on your list, from the latest accessories to the dankest strains — all available here at your favorite Massachusetts dispensary. We’ve created this gift guide to help you find the best cannabis gifts to give for the holidays.

For the Last Night of Hanukkah

Elevate the Festival of Lights to the Festival of HEIGHTS by assembling the ultimate stoner’s starter pack. Just choose a device and a form of bud that aligns with your loved one’s preferred consumption method — like Ooze’s Fusion Vaporizer Kit (which is both a standard vaporizer battery and a full wax pen kit), a pre-filled 510 thread oil cartridge, and some Core Concentrate wax. Not a concentrate connoisseur? Pick up a glass piece from any of our stores. We carry a variety of accessories at each dispensary location. Check out a piece by Grav Labs and pair it with Temescal's Perch Harvests flower (we suggest a hybrid like Jelly Sherbet for Hanukkah). You’re sure to hear sounds of rejoicing.

The Best Stocking Stuffer

When it comes to the best stocking stuffer for the cannabis lover in your life, there are a lot of contenders. Plenty of miscellaneous cannabis accessories are easily forgotten in the daily flow of life, like crutches, grinders, and vape batteries. (How many times have you had to run out for rolling papers?!) If we have to make one recommendation, we’re going with the Ooze Resolution Cleaning Kit. Nothing is more understandable than procrastinating cleaning your consumption tools; it can be complicated, time consuming and boring. Changing that dirty bong water is incredibly important, and this glass and metal cleaner, which comes with protective cleaning caps and brushes, makes the process simple, fun and satisfying!

For the Novice Cannabis User

Want to give a canna-curious loved one a special treat this holiday season? For the novice cannabis user, we recommend getting stoned the tastiest way we know how — with cannabis-infused gummies! Our Strawberry Limeade Fruit Chews are a balanced confection perfect for the sweet tooth looking for a quick buzz that satisfies the body and mind. Tangy flavor not your style? Choose from a variety of other flavors on our menus, but be sure to include clear instructions: “Start low. Go slow.” Ho, ho, ho, indeed!

For the Party-Lover

It’s no secret that one of the biggest trends in cannabis right now is drinkables. Convenient, discreet and absolutely delicious, it’s a no-brainer that cannabis-infused beverages are our top gift recommendation for that social butterfly in your life! Give them the gift of no hangovers with the 5mg THC Lemon Lime Celebrate Seltzer from Levia, a hybrid blend with a speedy onset and without the calories or sugar. We also recommend the Grapefruit Hibiscus Seltzer from Cantrip, which takes its tart flavor to the next level by giving a soothing, cerebral feel. This low-dose refreshment is the result of the combination of 3mg THC and 2mg CBD concentration.

For the Most Stressed Out Person You Know

For that person who’s always spread a little too thin by their packed schedule, we recommend the Elemente 1:1 THC/CBD Tincture. This dropper is a neutral MCT oil mixed with cannabis, and it’s perfect for those who don’t have more time in their busy day for more than a simple and discreet sublingual drop with a relatively quick onset. This 1:1 balance of THC and CBD is perfect for those looking for the best of both worlds: the calming effects of the CBD in the dose are enhanced by the THC. Though it’s different for everyone, one dose lasts approximately two to four hours, so that busy bee in your life can check a few things off their list blissfully.

For the Yogi on Your List 

We know what to give that friend who’s all about mindfulness: a balanced high. If you’re searching for the best cannabis gifts for your yoga buddy this holiday season, go with an Indica for a body high or a hybrid for the best of both worlds. The gift of cannabis will bring an all-new meaning to “tree pose” during their next yoga session. And if you really want to impress, pick up a convenient vape pen rather than flower to help with controlled breathing practices. May we suggest our Thin Mint Disposable Vape Pen, a balanced hybrid concentrate that tastes like your favorite minty cookies, while bringing a peaceful yet uplighting head and body high. Have your loved one pair a few hits with their favorite organic loose leaf tea, and trust the journey.

For the Gamer on Your List

Whether your loved one prefers exploring monster-filled dungeons with their party, nailing 360 no-scope shots, or just tending to their tiny pixel-art farm, you can elevate their gaming experience this holiday season with the ultimate drop: convenient and potent vape pens. A quick hit with no ash to be seen or lingering scent? It’s perfect for button mashers and pro-gamers alike. As for the cartridge to accompany it, we suggest Blue Dream VSPR Distillate Cartridge, a Sativa Hybrid that aids in creativity, and can help the gamers who already know all the cheats maintain their focus and think outside the box in order to master the battle, quest, or task at hand.

For the Outdoorsy Type 

Many cannabis users are also avid fans of the great outdoors — and we get it, it’s only natural! Enjoying cannabis is a wonderful way to connect with nature, whether that means a stroll in the woods, conquering intense mountain trails or simply kicking back by the tent or fishing boat. For the earth lover in your life, we recommend gifting our C99 PRJ Multi-pack! Pre-rolls are convenient and easy to carry along with you. Our C99 flower is a Sativa-dominant strain that provides a boost of physical and mental energy that makes it a fan favorite. So, whether they need the stamina to finish a trail or simply feel introspective around the campfire, this multi-pack will be a thoughtful gesture for your outdoorsy loved one.

For the Athlete

If you’ve read anything about the cannabis plant in the last few years, you’ve likely read about CBD, the most buzzed-about cannabinoid that doesn’t give you a buzz. With more than 80 cannabinoids in the plant, it’s no wonder that CBD gets so much attention. It is said to calm anxiety, bolster productivity, and even stop acne. But there are certain effects that make it of particular interest to athletes (like our own Framingham dispensary manager Heather Ryan, who incorporated cannabis into her training for this year’s Boston Marathon).  

Trainright.com has a great write up on how athletes use CBD as part of their training regimens. They say, “As an athlete you apply greater stress to your body, leading to pain and inflammation greater than what your endocannabinoid system can handle. Adding exogenous CBD may help this overloaded system get your neurotransmitters back under control and help athletes maintain homeostasis.”

So CBD is known to relax sore muscles and ease inflammation. 

Check out our 10:1 CBD Tincture by Elemente. It contains a low-dose of THC, so there may be some psychoactive effects. As you learn about “the entourage effect” and how cannabinoids work together in our systems, we think you’ll understand why this small amount matters. 

More and more people are incorporating cannabis into their overall wellness plans. If you’re looking to start exploring what cannabis can do for you but are wary of the more potent products on the market, the gentle effects of tincture is the perfect place to start.

For the Moms on Your List
We’re not much for generalizations, but we think it’s safe to say that mom + chocolate = good times (since really, everyone-but-dogs + chocolate = good times). For the mother figures on your list, why not give them the sweet treat of cannabis-infused chocolate? Chocolate, by itself, is known to have many health benefits, including boosting endorphin production. The addition of THC, like our cannabis-infused Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bar, provides a hybrid, wonderfully complete mind and body experience. Just what mom wants (and deserves!) as the holiday season winds down.

For the Expert Cannabis Consumer 

Those that consume cannabis regularly likely have their “go to” strain and consumption method down pat. If you know what that is, that makes things easy — visit our menus or chat with one of our associates who can help you find just the thing. 

You could surprise them with something everyone’s been buzzing about this year — for good reason: cannabis beverages (or drinkables) and DROPS, plant-based pills with THC. They’re new and exciting edibles that you a variety of ways to benefit from cannabis. 

For the true cannabis connoisseur, consider picking up a vaporizer from our friends at Puffco. The Puffco Peak Pro offers a highly customizable dabbing experience, while the Puffco Plus is recognized as the best portable oil vaporizer for high quality concentrates. But the convenience and potency of a dab straw vaporizer can’t be beat. We carry Little Dipper Dab Pens that pair well with a huge array of wax, budder and shatter on our menus. Visit the “concentrates” section of the menu for your local store to check out our selection. 

If you need product recommendations, any of our associates are happy to talk you through our menu options to help you choose the best gifts for everyone on your list. Don't forget we carry a variety of other cannabis accessories to check out in store. Happy holidaze!

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