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March 16, 2023

Planning to visit a Massachusetts dispensary? Here is a helpful guide on the different amounts of cannabis you can buy.

So — you’re curious about how much cannabis you can buy at your local recreational cannabis dispensary. While Boston.com and the CCC reported “the average amount spent per purchase has hovered just below $40,” Massachusetts law actually permits individuals who are 21+ with a government issued ID to purchase up to 1 ounce of recreational cannabis flower, or 5 grams of cannabis concentrate (including tinctures), or 500 mg of cannabis edibles per person, per day. 

1 gram of Cannabis flower and a 1 gram cannabis joint

While these restrictions are different for medical cannabis patients who are purchasing cannabis off of a medical dispensary menu, recreational cannabis guests don’t often reach the daily limits on cannabis purchases. To give you an idea of exactly how much one ounce of dry cannabis flower is, there are 28 grams in 1 oz. One gram is enough for a healthy-sized joint, or two skinny joints, or 2-3 bowls. And with more recreational dispensaries in Massachusetts popping up all the time, Massachusetts cannabis lovers have more options for buying recreational cannabis now than ever.

But if you want to buy a few different types of cannabis products, you may be wondering how these cannabis purchase restrictions shake out. Temescal Wellness has your back! Keep reading to learn the best ways to get the weed you need at the Massachusetts recreational cannabis dispensary near you.

A variety of prerolled joints containing 1 gram of cannabis

How much cannabis flower am I allowed to buy from a recreational dispensary in Massachusetts?

The Massachusetts daily purchase limitation of 1 oz. of cannabis flower per person, per day seems straightforward, right? 

But 28 grams (equal to 1 ounce) adds up to a hefty amount of cannabis flower. At the best dispensaries in Massachusetts, you have the freedom to choose from a variety of cannabis flower products, including pre-roll joints. For example, you could buy one-eighth of an ounce of cannabis flower (equal to 3.5 grams) plus one 10-pack of PRJs totaling 3.5 grams, and still have plenty of spend left for other cannabis products, like cannabis concentrates and edibles.

If you plan on purchasing both cannabis flower and PRJs, however, just pay attention to how much ground cannabis is in each pre-roll you order. The amount of cannabis in pre-rolls in Massachusetts can vary. Individual PRJs usually range anywhere between 0.5 grams per joint to 1.5 grams per joint, and since PRJs also come in multi-packs, the best rec dispensaries in Massachusetts like Temescal Wellness in Framingham, Hudson and Pittsfield, often bundle pricing for PRJ multipacks — which can help you save money at a Massachusetts cannabis dispensary near you.

Temescal Wellness staff member holding 4 joints with 1 gram of cannabis

How much cannabis concentrate am I allowed to purchase at a recreational dispensary in Massachusetts?

There is a 5 gram limitation per person, per day on cannabis concentrates when you shop at a rec store in Massachusetts. Cannabis concentrates include disposable vapes, cartridges, tinctures, and the different forms of concentrates like wax, resin, sugar, and rosin. Massachusetts law limits cannabis concentrates to 5 grams because the THC content in 5 grams of concentrate is equal to that of 28 grams (or 1 ounce) of dry cannabis flower.

It may seem difficult to do that math if you’re mixing and match cannabis products, but keep in mind that concentrates are potent — a little goes a long way! Disposable vapes and vape cartridges also usually contain just 0.5 to 1 gram of concentrate. Likewise, our best-selling cannabis concentrates usually come in 0.5 to 1g containers. So, it’s easy to stock up on concentrates while remaining under the legal purchase limits.

How many cannabis edibles am I allowed to purchase at a recreational dispensary in Massachusetts? 

Massachusetts law limits the purchase of cannabis-infused edibles to 500 milligrams of THC per person, per day. This restriction leaves a lot of room for buying a variety of edible cannabis, whether you prefer cannabis-infused drinks or microdosing with low-dose cannabis edibles

For example, you might choose a 20 pack of cannabis infused gummies (about 100mgs) and a can of your favorite cannabis-infused seltzer — which can be anywhere from 2.5mg to 5mg of THC. That order still leaves you well within legal recreational cannabis purchase limits! And the best part? At your favorite rec dispensaries — Temescal Wellness — we’re always offering bundles on select cannabis edibles and drinkables. Just ask our friendly staff when you stop by any of our dispensaries in Framingham, Hudson, or Pittsfield.

Keep in mind that all restrictions on cannabis purchases in Massachusetts apply to per day, not per purchase. The same restrictions apply for the amount of cannabis people are allowed to have on their person at any given time in Massachusetts. However, at home, you’re allowed to hold up to 10 ounces of cannabis, just make sure it’s secure and out of reach of children.

3 prerolled cannabis joints, each containing 1 gram of cannabis

Additionally, you do not need to be a Massachusetts resident to purchase recreational weed from a dispensary in Massachusetts, however it is illegal to transport cannabis across state lines (even if recreational or medical cannabis is legal in both states).

At Temescal Wellness dispensaries, whether you’re buying rec weed or medical cannabis, our expert and kind staff is here to help you learn about your options when it comes to buying cannabis. For more information on finding and preparing to visit the best nearby Massachusetts dispensary, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page and follow Temescal Wellness on Twitter and Instagram. You can also check out our online menus to find what is available at your favorite cannabis dispensary in Massachusetts!

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