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March 28, 2023

We think everyone in the cannabis industry should have 4/20 off - we’re just the first to do it. That’s right, we just announced that all of our employees in Framingham, Hudson, and Pittsfield Massachusetts will have April 20th off as a paid holiday this year.

Why Close On 4/20? 

Our team is dedicated to removing the stigma around cannabis consumption, and this move normalizes the holiday for members of the cannabis community, as well as the broader public. 

We believe that 4/20 is a day to show appreciation, love and respect for cannabis and its power to help amplify the health and happiness that people experience in their daily lives. And it’s a day to celebrate our Massachusetts cannabis employees, whose passion, knowledge and true dedication inspires their unparalleled service to our customers and our community all of the other days of the year.

Temescal Wellness Cannabis Dispensary in Hudson, MA

What Will Your Employees Do On 4/20? 

The short answer - whatever they want! 

Temescal Wellness Staff Member Enjoying Cannabis

One of our core company values is wellness - and that means the wellness of our customers, our community, and our entire team. Our team members will have this paid day off to relax, recharge, rest - and, of course, get high (hey, we call that “learning about cannabis”) and have fun. 

While 4/20 is one of our most profitable days at our Massachusetts dispensaries, we hope making it a paid holiday off for our team elevates it as a day for everyone to celebrate cannabis and the community around it. 

Temescal Wellness Bags for Online Orders at the Dispensary

What If I Need Weed for 4/20 Celebrations? 

Throughout the entire month of April, Temescal Wellness will promote access to cannabis for everyone of legal age with a series of offers, and our most comprehensive cannabis dispensary menu to date, specially curated to provide premium offerings at every price point. We have made an easy guide on how to find the best cannabis dispensary near you so it's as easy as ordering cannabis online!

Temescal Wellness Customer Browsing our Online Cannabis Menu

We strive to provide value to our customers every time they visit our dispensaries in Mass. That's why we offer monthly specials for recreational cannabis guests and medical cannabis patients, and ongoing medical discounts at our Framingham, Hudson, and Pittsfield dispensaries

With great value products and daily offers, we hope our customers can try new items, stock up on their favorite flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, tinctures, topicals and more. And hey, on the day itself, s at will - we’ll have offers running well after the 4/20 holiday for anyone that needs to replenish depleted supplies. 

Are You Hiring? 

We’re getting that question a lot these days. ;-) We are - visit our jobs page for more information. 

How can I find the cannabis specials and offers for April?

You can find all of our Massachusetts cannabis offers on our cannabis dispensary menus or can view our top products at each location below!

Shop Framingham Cannabis Dispensary Offers

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Shop Pittsfield Cannabis Dispensary Offers

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