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October 26, 2022

Finding the right dispensary in Massachusetts for you can be a tricky job, especially considering the confusing process of navigating medical versus recreational cannabis dispensaries. Let us shed some light on finding and preparing to visit the best dispensary for you in Mass.

Medical Area of a Cannabis Dispensary in Hudson, Massachusetts

For medical patients here in Massachusetts, there’s nothing worse than showing up to a cannabis shop only to discover that the medical offers are lacking. If you’re a recreational cannabis guest, there’s nothing more frustrating than taking time out of your busy day to visit a local rec shop, only to find out that it's actually a medical dispensary! Luckily, each Temescal Wellness store has exceptional service, a reliable variety of cannabis products on our menus, and special offers for both medical and recreational guests!

How do I choose between medical vs. recreational?

Many believe that dispensaries in Mass split up medical and recreational orders because the menus differ. This is not entirely true! The main difference between medical cannabis and recreational is the benefits and higher dosages. Medical patients can often purchase higher volumes in a day than a recreational guest can — and they’re often eligible for discounts and offers exclusive to medical card holding guests.

Interested in becoming a medical patient? It’s not as simple as choosing to shop for medical cannabis. One needs to become a certified patient in the state of Massachusetts first! In order to register for a medical card, please visit the Mass.gov website to get started with the process. 

Once you’re a certified medical card carrying patient, you’ll have access to all of our best medical discounts and offers at our Mass dispensaries!

If I’m buying recreational, what do I need to prepare before visiting my local dispensary?

ATM Machine inside Temescal Wellness Cannabis Dispensary in Framingham, MA

Planning to shop for recreational cannabis at our dispensaries near the Berkshires or the Metrowest area? Whether you’ll be visiting our Framingham dispensary, Pittsfield cannabis shop, or the Hudson store, you can save time by placing your orders online ahead of time

If you’re a cannabis shop newbie or just want more guidance in finding the right products for you, our in-store PSAs are there to help!

Before you swing by, make sure you bring the proper identification. Most dispensaries in MA require valid state-issued identification or valid passports. Medical cannabis shoppers should also bring their valid Massachusetts Medical Use of Marijuana Card!

Does Temescal Wellness offer a Loyalty Program for both medical and recreational guests?

Information about our Cannabis Dispensary Loyalty Program

We sure do! At Temescal Wellness Hudson, Temescal Wellness Framingham and Temescal Wellness Pittsfield, we are proud to offer our VIP Cannabis Club, the rare loyalty program that offers specific benefits to both recreational cannabis and medical cannabis guests. 

If you’re looking for your next staple recreational dispensary in Hudson, Pittsfield or Framingham, rec shop guests that are also VIP Club Members are the first to hear about new products with exclusive access, store news, and our Frequent Flyer Punch Card that earn you free gifts!

If you’re after a reliable medical cannabis dispensary in Pittsfield, Framingham, or Hudson, Temescal Wellness’ VIP Club medical members receive twenty points per visit to any of our dispensaries — and will be able to use these points towards discounts on orders. (Don’t forget that Tuesday you get double points for visiting!)

For more information on finding and preparing to visit the right nearby Massachusetts dispensary, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page!

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