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April 28, 2022

Medical cannabis patients stand to gain more benefits than just skipping the dispensary line. If you qualify as a patient in a state like Massachusetts where recreational cannabis is legal, you’ll have access to patient perks that will save you time and money while alleviating your symptoms.

With recreational use of cannabis legalized in 18 states, you might be wondering, “What’s the point of registering to be a medical cannabis patient?” 

There are a few big differences between purchasing cannabis as a recreational guest versus a medical patient. Whether you’re a cannabis novice or an experienced cannabis consumer, becoming a medical patient has plenty of perks. The process of becoming a patient can even be easy if you’re working through trusted medical cannabis evaluation clinics like MedWell Health and Cannawise Medicine. So if you qualify as a patient under the Massachusetts medical cannabis program, read on to learn how becoming a medical patient can not only afford you legal protections but save you time and money.

“Taxachusetts” no more — when it comes to medical cannabis.

Patients pay no taxes on medical cannabis in Massachusetts — That’s a huge distinction between medical and recreational offerings. Recreational purchases, however, are subject to a 10.75% cannabis excise tax, plus the state’s normal 6.25% sales tax, and an optional local excise tax, up to 3%. Medical patients save around 20% on every cannabis purchase compared to recreational guests.

On top of taxes, cannabis can be discounted for medical patients more than it is for recreational guests. Why? The State of Massachusetts does not allow any discounts on recreational cannabis products, but discounts and promotions are allowed for our medical cannabis purchases.

Medical cannabis consultation and registration fees aside, medical patients can highly benefit from discounts on cannabis. For example, at each Temescal Wellness dispensary in Massachusetts, every medical patient receives a 20% discount for a first-time purchase. Every Tuesday, we offer our medical patients who are VIP Cannabis Club members double loyalty points. Those are points towards discounts on future purchases! Every Sunday at Temescal Wellness dispensaries are Senior Sundays, and we offer 15% off for medical patients 65+. 

And those are just some of our recurring monthly discounts! We regularly offer our medical patients special discounts on certain brands throughout the month, 20% off purchases of $200 or more, and even discounts for days like April 11th, National Pet Day — when we offered 5% off for just showing us a photo of your pet when you purchase as a medical cannabis cardholder. Recreational guests could (legally) never! (If you want the scoop on the best deals on medical and recreational cannabis, and want to earn loyalty points with every purchase, be sure to sign up to be a member of our VIP Cannabis Club.)

Purchase, possession, and potency limits only get higher.

Medical patients get higher — in regards to cannabis purchases, possession, and potency. The state of Massachusetts allows medical patients more access to high-strength cannabis products, along with higher possession and purchasing limits.

As a recreational cannabis user, you’re only allowed to buy up to 1 ounce of flower or up to 5 grams of concentrates per dispensary visit. The state also places a limit on edibles, stating they only contain a maximum of 5mg of THC, and a cap at 20 single servings or 100mg of THC per adult use purchase. 

But if you’re a medical patient in Massachusetts? Your cannabis limits are based on a doctor’s prescription of a 60-day supply, up to 10 ounces, and medical patients can access edibles containing as high as 100mg THC per serving.

Cannabis is reserved for you.

Has a dispensary ever run out of your favorite strain on the rec side? That doesn’t often happen for medical patients, because dispensaries are required to reserve 35% of medical-grade cannabis for medical patients.

On-site service can be even more personalized for medical patients. Medical dispensaries are required to have private patient consultation area, so you never have to worry about discussing your health information in the open. These may seem like small perks, but they could give you back comfort, time, and money on your medication.

You’re more protected. 

Traveling with cannabis can be tricky — but less so if you’re a medical cannabis cardholder. While traveling from one state to another with cannabis (medical or not) is still prohibited under federal law, having a medical cannabis card comes in handy if you’re traveling within a state where a reciprocity program exists. Essentially, that means a medical cannabis program in one state can recognize the validity of a medical cannabis card from another state. Reciprocity varies from state to state, but if you’re a Massachusetts medical cannabis patient, you may be able to purchase medical cannabis in Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Puerto Rico and beyond.

Medical cannabis patients under age 21 are also protected. While recreational purchases must be made by someone 21+, if you are 18 years or older with a qualifying medical condition, you can apply for your medical cannabis card in Massachusetts. 

Curious about where to start the process of getting your medical cannabis card? MedWell Health and Cannawise Medicine are trusted medical cannabis evaluation clinics, making consultation easy with telehealth appointments. Once you’ve got your medical card in hand, browse our medical menus and place your cannabis order online for pickup at our Massachusetts dispensaries in Framingham, Pittsfield and Hudson.

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