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March 22, 2022

Nothing is more gratifying (or daunting!) than spring cleaning. As we welcome warmer days, it’s a great time to give those often-forgotten spots in the home the extra love they need. But as your list of tasks piles up, cannabis can help transform the arduous yearly project into a fun and rewarding act of home care.

Spring is here and summer is (finally) not far off. But you don’t want to be stuck inside cleaning when you could be outside during a Grassachusetts summer, right? 

As we emerge from those long winter months, giving your home some rejuvenation is a necessity. We know that spring cleaning involves a lot of little and big tasks — but think about how much better tackling your chores sounds after enjoying an energy-inducing edible, bong hit, or a dab. Here’s how to pair some of our favorite cannabis products on menus with your spring cleaning checklist.


Coming up with a solid game plan for how you’re going to tackle spring cleaning is key. A list will help you remember and prioritize neglected tasks, like dusting those pesky hard-to-reach places and replacing the batteries in the electronics throughout your home. It’s a good time to open the windows for fresh air, get your mop out and wipe everything down. A great cannabis flower to pair here is our Perch Harvests C99 strain. A true boost of energy, this sativa-dominant hybrid daytime strain is the invigorating uplift you need to find the initial motivation to start — and enjoy the little pick-me-up along the way!

Organize your wardrobe 

Organization is often the most satisfying part of cleaning. There comes a time every year when we look into our closets and wonder, “When was the last time I wore this?” about half the things we own. This year, free up some space in your closet by repurposing or donating clothes that you just haven’t worn lately. Sorting through your things will also allow for more storage space, like containers and drawers! We recommend pairing this activity with our Headband VSPR cartridge - a perfect hybrid strain balanced by flavors of diesel and lemon, which will give you both the energy and euphoria needed for a declutter session. 

Declutter your pantry 

If your wardrobe is looking a little cluttered these days, we’re guessing your pantry could use a little love, too! The pantry is a great place to create an organizational system that is accessible with a logical flow that everyone in the household can follow. We suggest labeling spots in the pantry for specific types of items or food groups. Donating canned and nonperishable goods is a great way to pay it forward to your community too! It’ll help free up some space. And, if you’re feeling exceptionally motivated after eating the sweet, uplifting treat that is our IHP Strawberry Limeade Fruit Chews, take the extra step of taking everything out of the pantry and cleaning your shelves. There’s nothing like giving them a good wipe down before reorganizing.


For those of us who live in Grassachusetts or the greater New England area, the weather can be quite unpredictable. Although we’re looking forward to those warmer months, the late-season snow spits can still happen! If you find yourself shoveling your driveway for what seems like the millionth time this winter, try pairing the arduous task with our Perch Harvests Sativa Scream flower. A balanced lift of focus, energy and happiness, this daytime strain will make shoveling a breeze.

Tidying your cannabis stash

Let’s be honest — For many of us, our cannabis stashes are the thing that could use spring cleaning the most. Cleaning your dirty glass, tidying up your rolling tray, throwing out old containers and bags are all good moves before inviting friends over for a smoke sesh. For those that want to step up their cannabis storage game, pick up some Boveda packets off of our menus to help preserve your cannabis longer! Bonus: if the crumbs you sweep up from your tray aren’t enough to make a little salad to smoke, may we suggest a little of our Perch Harvests Lemon Lime Punch flower? It gives that calming ease into an uplifting sense of creative euphoria. 

Organize a community garage sale

After cleaning and decluttering your house top to bottom, you may amass quite a pile of unwanted items you might not be sure what to do with. Why not pass it on to the local community and organize a garage sale in your neighborhood? It’s a chance to get outside, socialize with your neighbors, and do something positive for your community - all while getting rid of your junk! You know what they say - one man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Maximize the day, and why not share a PRJ filled with our energizing Perch Harvests Amherst Sour Diesel? 


After a long day (or a few days) of spring cleaning, is there anything better than smoking to relax? Kick back and dream of sweet summer days with our Watermelon Zkittlez VSPR cartridge or disposable vape

Stop by your local Massachusetts Temescal Wellness dispensaries, located in Framingham, Pittsfield and Hudson, to talk out what you need! Our associates are there to help match you with the perfect strains and consumption methods to ensure a smooth experience - whether you’re pairing with fun activities or the mundane. Let us help you take on the day!

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