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Indica Cannabis used for sleep

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January 24, 2024

If you’re in need of weed for sleep, your local Temescal Wellness MA cannabis dispensary in Framingham, Hudson, and Pittsfield is here to help you out. Speak with the Temescal Wellness budtenders about Indica strains, and cannabis products high in the cannabinoid CBN (cannabinol) and the terpene Caryophyllene — all known to support relaxation and sleep aid.

What cannabis is best for sleep? 

If you’re in search of weed for sleep at Temescal Wellness, your local MA cannabis dispensary, look for Indica strains, and cannabis products high in the cannabinoid CBN (cannabinol) and the terpene Caryophyllene. These properties are known to support relaxation and cause sleepiness. 

Woman sleeping with help from cannabis

Sativa and Indica Marijuana: What’s the difference? 

When it comes to marijuana strains, Indica is one of the four main types, along with its counterpart, Sativa, but what’s the difference between indica and sativa? Both strains have the opposite psychoactive effects. Sativa has higher THC levels compared to lower CBD levels, which can result in a more uplifting effect and can improve moods. Because of the higher CBD and THC ratio levels found in Indica, this cannabis strain can help create deep body and mind relaxation, reduce pain and nausea, and stimulate the appetite. The calming properties of Indica make it the ideal strain for those seeking weed for sleep.  

Cannabis flower and cannabis joint

Physically, there are differences between the Sativa and Indica cannabis plants too. The plant goes through different stages of its life cycle, and in general, Indica strains mature faster and flower more rapidly, at about 7 to 10 weeks, while Sativa can mature at about 10 to 16 weeks. Compared to a Sativia plant, the Indica flower is usually a darker green, shorter, bushier, and has wider, broad leaves. You can learn more about the life cycle of a cannabis plant on our blog here. 

Keep in mind, that everyone’s experiences with cannabis strains can vary, and it’s important to start with a small dosage and try different products to find what works best for you. A lot of how weed works for an individual has to do with the cannabinoid content — more on that below!

Cannabinol Cannabinoid in Cannabis

What Are Cannabinoids? A Deep Dive Into CBN (Cannabinol)

Cannabinoids are a class of compounds that are largely responsible for the medical benefits of cannabis. When you pair cannabinoids together, there is a synergy that takes place, and this is called the Entourage Effect. THC and CBD are the most common, but there are many different cannabinoids, one of those being CBN. Certain cannabinoids, like CBN, can work together with THC to enhance each other's effect and produce health benefits. CBN, specifically known as cannabinol, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that may provide relief for patients with agitation of Alzheimer’s Disease, severe pain, and muscle spasms. According to Forbes and the Sleep Foundation, cannabis products consumed with THC and CBN can cause drowsiness, making Cannabinol the cannabinoid sought after for sleep assistance. 

Cannabis Leaf and Buds


Leafly defines Caryophyllene, also called beta-caryophyllene or BCP, as a “terpene that can be found in aromatic oils like rosemary and clove oil, and in hops, cloves, black pepper, oregano, cinnamon, and basil.” This terpene is unique because of its relationship with cannabinoid receptors. Unlike other terpenes, Caryophyllene is a larger molecule, and it can bind with cannabinoid receptors, specifically the CB2 receptors. That is why it is typically classified as an atypical cannabinoid. Potential benefits associated with activating those receptors include reducing inflammation and stress relief.  Therefore, strains with a higher amount of Caryophyllene can also aid you in sleep. Given the spicy aromatic notes of this terpene, it isn’t hard to detect it in different weed strains, but never worry, our Temescal Wellness staff in Framingham, Hudson, and Pittsfield, are all trained to find and recommend cannabis products with the right terpenes to suit your needs. 

How To Improve Sleep and Get Better Rest 

As we’ve learned, cannabis is not a one-size-fits-all product. It’s complex and intricate in its life cycle and chemical properties. Understanding the strains available, and the cannabinoids and terpenes found in certain strains can guide you toward the right weed for sleep and give you the most restful night. We welcome you to visit us at our MA weed shop to talk to your Temescal Wellness budtenders in more depth — they are all educated on this subject and ready to provide you with recommendations on the best cannabis for sleep.  

For more information on finding weed for sleep at the best nearby Massachusetts dispensary, visit our blog on how to choose the right cannabis strain for your needs, and check out our medical and recreational dispensary menus online. Whether you’re shopping for weed in Hudson, the Framingham weed menu, or the Pittsfield weed store, our website stays up to date with available products for online ordering. And don’t forget to keep up with your favorite cannabis dispensary in Massachusetts, Temescal Wellness on Twitter and Instagram

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