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April 11, 2022

Cannabis lovers of the Boston and Grassachusetts area — this one’s for you. Whether you love snacking on cannabis infused edibles, dabbing potent cannabis concentrates, or keeping it classic and lighting up with some cannabis flower — 4/20 is the ultimate holiday for budheads.

To help you celebrate, we’ve compiled a list of things to do for every type of cannabis consumer, from experienced connoisseurs to nervous newbies, hungry wake and bakers, microdosing mamas, and every cannabis fan in between. You deserve to have fun this 4/20. Here’s how we recommend you do it.

First things first, we have some recommendations for everyone who’s looking to indulge in our favorite flower this 4/20. 

1. Stock up ahead of the holiday.

Especially if you’d like to start your 4/20 off on a high note, we recommend you swing by any of our Massachusetts dispensaries ahead of the holiday. All of our dispensaries offer medical and recreational cannabis menus, the option to order cannabis online and pickup in stores after 5PM at all of our locations. Not only that, but we’re offering deals leading up to the big day!

Pro tip: If you’re commuting in and out of Boston, our Framingham recreational and medical cannabis dispensary is seconds off the Mass Pike and Route 90 — a perfect excuse to stop by in the days ahead of 4/20 to stock up!

2. Educate yourself and support the cause.

One of our core beliefs at Temescal Wellness is that it’s our responsibility to promote the health and wellness in our local Massachusetts communities, from advocating for non-violent cannabis convictions to be overturned, to fighting the stigma around cannabis consumption. Start by reading up on the history of cannabis in Massachusetts on our blog, and expand your mind from there.

3. Start low, and take it slow.

Let’s make sure your high lasts just as long as you want it to on this special day, and that we keep everyone safe. If you’re enjoying edibles, cannabis-infused beverages, or tinctures, the effects of THC could take anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours to kick in. 

Without further adieu, check out these ideas for what to do during our favorite holiday, and arguably best day of the year.

For Newbies

Give your creative side some self-care. 

Decide on your preferred consumption method, and spend the day getting creative! Pair any of our Hover strains with your favorite creative activity: painting, drawing, knitting, DIY crafts, photography, playing music, or macrame are just a few ideas to get you started. You could even spend time coloring, journaling, or meditating while elevated

If you’re feeling extra adventurous (and able to leave the house stoned), sign up to be a member at Worcester’s The Summit Lounge, one of the only cannabis-friendly hangouts in the state, and attend Creatively Cannabis: Tokes & Brush Strokes on 4/20!

Cannabis and clean.

Getting high and giving your space a deep clean can be deeply satisfying. We wrote a whole blog about it. Talk about elevating the mundane!

The best Perch Harvests strains for newbies include

  • Mac 1: a hybrid strain that crosses Alien Cookies F2 with Miracle 15 and has upbeat and balancing effects. Mac 1’s most abundant terpene is Limonene, which can provide anxiety and stress relief.
  • Green Dream Disposable VSPR: Pick up a disposable, rechargeable vape pen and enjoy a few puffs of Green Dream distillate — a burst of sweet citrus and herbal mint with boosted creativity and energy levels.

For Moms Who Toke 

(Or Anyone Looking to Make Their Daily Routines 4/20 Friendly)

We get it — your spring schedule is packed. But you deserve a mid-day pick-me-up, especially on 4/20. So let us help you keep that bowl packed, too.


The easiest way to elevate your daily chores, routines, and active lifestyle? Pop a half-dose of one of our IHP fruit chews or a drop from our Elemente Tinctures, then get to work! Microdosing is the “less is more” approach to cannabis. You don’t get as much of the psychoactive effects of the THC cannabinoid while still experiencing other benefits of cannabis on your body, such as stress and anxiety relief, pain management, appetite management, sleep management, increased creativity and more. 

Make (and eat) cannabis infused edibles.

We have a few recipes for entire 3 course meals, sweet treats, and even cannabis infused chocolate recipe hacks on our blog.

The best Perch Harvests strains to add to your active lifestyle include:

  • Gelato: This balanced hybrid strain can help with pain management, induces relaxation, and keeps you mentally stimulated and productive. Its dominant terpene, Caryophyllene, has been known to have anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Sativa Scream: The cross strains say it all: Sativa Mom & Mother Tongue cross to create a well-balanced cerebral effect of creativity, increased energy and focus, and a heightened sense of happiness and uplift. Perfect for daytime use.

If you’d rather give a simple nod to the holiday than stay lifted throughout the day, learn about how cannabis affects your sleep, treat yourself to dessert with a cannabis infused edible (like a square off of an IHP Chocolate bar or an IHP fruit chew), and tuck in for the night. Though cannabis infused edibles may take longer to kick in than smoking flower, vaping, or dabbing, they can be more effective in helping you drift to dreamland and stay asleep.

Pro tip: Pick up 2 IHP Chocolate bars for $30 at any of our Massachusetts dispensaries throughout the month of April!

For Social Smokers Looking to Relax


This one’s a no-brainer: Make a reservation with friends at your favorite restaurant, get blazed, and enjoy. (And you always have a fall-back plan: take out and the best stoner movies of all time). 

Pro tip: Lena of @EastCoastFeastCoast fame has a few recommendations, but Boston isn’t the only place where foodies can feast.

See the sights.

And enjoy the heights. Reserve a spot on the next Boston Weed Tour to see the city from a higher point of view. If you’ve never marched down the Freedom Trail, marveled at what’s on display at the MFA, awed at the New England Aquarium’s underwater life, or even just walked the streets of Boston with headphones in — hit your bong, joint, or vape and step outside your door!

Connect with nature.

Wrangle a sober friend to drive, and take a road trip into Grassachusetts nature. Did you know Massachusetts boasts over a dozen beautiful waterfalls, and 2,876 hiking trails, mountain biking routes, backpacking trips and more? 

The best Perch Harvests strains for social smokers include:

  • Lemon OG: This indica hybrid crosses Lemon Skunk and The OG #18, and will leave you feeling de-stressed and hungry. You’ll detect a pleasant peppery taste (from its dominant terpene, Caryophyllene), fruity undertones, and a medicated feel.
  • Pink Runtz: A hybrid cross between Zkittlez with Gelato, with sweet candy-like flavors and a long-lasting mentally uplifting effect, brought about by its dominant terpene, Pinene.

Don’t forget to stop at one of our Massachusetts dispensaries in Framingham, Pittsfield, or Hudson along the way! If you stop by on 4/20, grab 4 for $20 Perch Harvests .5g PRJs while supplies last.

For “Canna”seurs and Budheads

Elevate your cannabis infused edibles experience.

It’s time to level up your “canna”seur game. Buy a ticket for the next dinner with Eat Sacrilicious, Boston’s very own high-end cannabis dinner series. Created by Top Chef semi-finalist Joe Sasto, this private dinner event features 5-7 course meals and offers customizable levels of both THC and CBD.

Enjoy a live show. 

Get back to the basics and enjoy 4/20 how it was always meant to be celebrated: Get super stoned and laugh your cap off. Extravaganja, a 4/20 comedy show in Boston, will feature local comedians, DJs, and local artists. According to the event description, this is the place to be for young entrepreneurs and local black businesses. And the best part? Big Hope Project will be aiding anyone in need of sealing or expunging their record.

The best Perch Harvests strains for expert cannabis consumers include:

  • GG4: This potent hybrid was a 2014 Cannabis Cub and High Times Jamaican World Cup winner, with balanced euphoric and “indacouch” effects resulting from crossing Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel.
  • Watermelon Zkittlez VSPR: Save this powerful, head-rushing euphoric indica-heavy strain for your 4/20 nightcap. Its dominant terpene, Limonene, tends to gift users anxiety and stress relief.
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